Welcome to Zehnder AG, Zurich

120 years of experience. One destination:
The best for your railnetwork.

Since 1898 we have revolved around one thing: metal. This expertise Zehnder AG, Zurich, has been brought to bear with a dedicated department for rail maintenance created 1989. Thanks to our innovative and cost-efficient solutions as well as an extensive machinery, we play our part in ensuring that the Swiss railways do what they are made for: to run smoothly.

Measuring systems

How do we lay the groundwork
for proactive maintenance work?
100% target oriented.

Today, metric documentation is indispensable for modern and targeted planning of maintenance work. One more reason why our portfolio includes a broad range of measuring techniques for the registration and representation of the current condition of your rails, ranging from pinpointed digital measuring of segments to the continual measuring of your entire rail network.

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How do we extend the life cycle
of your rail network?
Through the highest standards of efficiency.

Whether newly laid or existing tracks, maintenance using grinding plays a major part in significantly extending a rail’s life cycle. That is why this part of maintenance work is indispensable when it comes to prevention and reprofiling measures.

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How do we deal with deep rail defects? With profound Knowhow.

Milling is usually employed in situations where grinding is not a viable option. In other words, especially where there are deep rail defects, cracks or extreme divergences from the target profile. In these cases this procedure allows for a deep, highly efficient corrective repair of the rail profile – thus playing a fundamental part in extending the life of these critical components.

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How do we maintain rails,
systems and switches?
By using extensive expertise.

In terms of welding technology we offer the perfect solution for every challenge, both when it comes to the machinery used and the people operating them. So, in order to ensure professional welding of your rail infrastructure, we not only regularly invest in our machine fleet, but also the training of our staff. Knowhow which pays off for you in the short and long run.

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Track management

What’s the first thing on our radar?
Your entire rail network.

Without modern data management the implementation of proactive and efficient maintenance of the rail infrastructure is practically impossible today. All the more reason why Zehnder AG, Zurich has been offering ground-breaking solutions for many years – and why it has turned its gaze squarely towards your complete rail infrastructure.

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Where the future becomes the present: our stand at the 13th InnoTrans Berlin. From 20 to 23 September 2022.

After last year’s unanticipated cancellation due to the pandemic, it’s finally back: InnoTrans Berlin is opening its gates again – and we’ll be there too. Visit us in hall 26 / stand 385 and enjoy a look into the exciting future of mobility with us. A future which has already rolled through our doors. True to the motto “Even from the rocks that have been put on your path, something beautiful can be built”, we have used to the period of “standstill” to invest in progress.

A new date for InnoTrans

In order to comply with restrictions and contain SARS-CoV-2, InnoTrans 2021 has been postponed to next year. The current status is that InnoTrans, the international trade fair for transport technology in Berlin, will open its doors from 20 to 23 September 2022. We will let you know as soon as we have more information on where exactly we will be located at the event – so you can network with us and talk about the latest developments in the industry.